MEMORIES is  a great choice for ensembles moving from Level 2 to Level 3. This is an emotional piece that builds slowly both in harmonic depth and energy until the very end. An excellent choice for a dramatic performance that is easy to learn and works well on stage.

MORPH is a dramatic and challenging work that sounds fantastic when performed as a quintet as well as in larger ensemble groups. Well worth consideration particularly for confident players looking for something extra special to put into a concert program.

The Lost City is an early Level 3 piece that is ideal piece for a showcasing your ensembles abilities with a longer more complex and impressive sounding work THE LOST CITY  is an engaging work built on a short simple rhythmic motif repeated throughout.

ULYSSES is a vibrant and exciting piece that is an audience favorite. Plenty of contrast and interest for each section. A great piece to highlight your groups versatility and overall strengths.


THE TALE OF THE NAVIGATOR is an exciting piece to learn. It works well when performed as a quartet [no double bass] and sounds very powerful when played in a large ensemble setting. Audiences love this work - well worth having in your repertoire