This  is a fantastic choice for a new ensemble. With rich harmonies found weaving through all parts, and a stately pace, this work is an excellent choice for formal occasions and ceremonies.

CELEBRATION is an easy to learn piece with simple phrases and carefully considered string crosses, easy rhythms and simple bowing. An excellent choice for concerts where joyous or celebratory music is required.

This easy to master work creates a beautiful atmosphere with a haunting melody played by the first violins. Other sections have rich harmonies which allow other parts to concentrate on expression. Players and audiences enjoy the rich textures this piece offers.


A beautiful work that is simple to learn but sounds much more sophisticated. Interesting parts with violin having a more challenging line. An excellent choice for players gaining confidence. Works very well on stage and has been used very effectively at ceremonies with processions and lines 

HEARTLAND is a dramatic work that offers plenty of scope for creating a dynamic performance. It is at the upper end of the Level 1 pieces in the Moxon Music String Catalog and a good choice for groups looking for manageable challenges.

OPENING PIECE is one of the most popular in all the Moxon Music String Ensemble Series. It has a stately feel that is excellent for performances on formal occasions and sounds very professional even with beginning ensembles! Highly recommended for concerts and formal occasions this an excellent score to have in any ensembles repertoire. 

OPEN CIRCUIT is an ideal piece for complete beginners that sounds much more advanced than it actually is due to the clever orchestration, the use of open strings in all sections and the strong piano part supporting the strings. OPEN CIRCUIT can be performed by individual players with piano accompaniment and has also been performed as a quartet very successfully. A great way to engage new players with the art of ensemble playing and performance.