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Music is truly universal and infinite in its expression - it is a joy and privilege to work with students as they discover their own musical abilities. As a teacher, I strive to give students the opportunity to draw from their own source of creativity and discover their own unique expression of music.


Private tuition available for Piano, Guitar [including classical & finger-style] Violin or Cello.

Lessons are for anyone interested in learning music - all ages and levels of ability welcome.

Learn for pleasure or study for AMEB examinations, auditions or performances.

All styles of music covered from classical to modern including jazz and improvisation.

Theory and musicianship.

Skype lessons available for Guitar and Cello only.

sue moxon music lessons


To book Sue for a  workshop,  master class or performance, please contact us - include the dates required and location of the venue.

MASTERCLASS  available for students preparing for auditions and concerts. Also available for others such as music specialists and educators

CREATIVE WORKSHOPS   for small groups wanting to explore improvisation techniques or for people wishing to exploring music creatively and express inner feelings and ideas. One or two day workshops also available [a minimum number of 5 participants required]

CONCERTS  for small groups in intimate settings. Designed for people who don't have access or the opportunity to hear music live [such as hospital patients and others in specialist care]  Playing mostly hang and handpan, these performances are intended to give people a chance to experience live music, listen deeply and take a break from their situation. Audiences are welcome to join in, move and express themselves through the music as it speaks to them. 


As a teacher I am constantly connecting and sharing with people from all walks of life and in all stages of their lives. I love being able to interact with them and find the common threads we all share. Through teaching I am able to celebrate the growth and insight that students experience – it is a beautiful job and an honor to work with individuals in this way.

I always try to encourage and inspire students to discover and explore all that music has to offer them. Learning music can have its challenging moments but it is empowering to work through material and discover a little more about yourself in the process.

There are so many different ways to learn - we are all unique - so it is important to stay open and find what works best for you. If you are motivated, you'll learn – that is the secrete to any endeavor you undertake!

There is no age limit to learning and I have been lucky to work with the very young through to the elderly – my youngest student was a 2 year old and my oldest student was an 84 year old with Parkinsons . Despite his age and physical limitations he thrived in lessons and music became very important towards the end of his life.

I teach students who want to become professional musicians and enter into tertiary studies, others who are passionate about music and still others who simply want to 'give it a go' – there is such variety with all of these people but a common theme they all embrace is of expressing themselves through music. This process always leads to greater personal growth and inner discovery and it is a wonderful process to watch unfold.

Alongside able-bodied students, I have been privileged over the years to work with a variety of people with challenges and disabilities including cerebral palsy, downs syndrome, intellectual impairment, vision impairment, amputees, etc. The desire these students have to create music and their passionate approach to learning despite limitations has not only inspired me as a teacher but also as a human being.

I believe learning to play an instrument is a wonderful gift to give yourself or a loved one and it is something that can bring pleasure and joy throughout your life and others.