...of hidden wonder

and astonishing intimacy

solitude lingers on it's breath -

an infusion of promise and vulnerability crowds its lungs.


This world

...of starry realms

and translucent moments,

where tree tops dance complex rhythms in howling winds

and revelation tastes like salty ocean spray.


This earth

...of profound intensity

and outspoken beauty

encapsulates love in abundance and orients the heart

toward horizons of compassion -

astonishing the mind with breathtaking views.


This place

...full of magical secretes

dissipating in morning mist,

where each new dawn gently nudges closed eyes open

and enters dormant hearts on an enlightened breeze -

delivering fresh gifts of unlimited possibility.


This life

...of remarkable texture

and dynamic aliveness -

insight cuts her path keenly through bitter experience

passion explodes into night skies and memories drift gently back to earth.


This moment

...of expanding depth and wonder draws me in as

I apprentice myself to the beckoning calm of blue sky and ancient forest wisdom -

pausing to listen to lilting songs from wild birds echoing in laughter of the very young,

my body absorbs discreet blessings as my heart unfurls like a leaf toward light.


unfurl like a leaf

This world beautiful,

so very beautiful.