sue moxon sunset

Sunset with Moon

Real source of energy dwarfs man-made attempts daily





Unfold 10 000 times

into spacious sunsets

and then further -

into nights canopy of hope.

Come alive as spiraling stars

illuminate the ancient stories -

Breathe in the mystery.


Follow the well worn paths that

heavenly bodies carved in time.

Collect wisdom and store it

in the troughs and gullies of your life.


Clearly written maps

etched into my palms

are slowly replicating on my face -

encapsulated moments

of adventure and discovery -

the chronicled reminders

of what accumulates with age

...and also what vanishes


So strip me bare

of all but the precious moments

and when the horizon

intercepts the passage of the sun

Let me return home to myself -

late but full of tales and excuses

of a life decidedly lived