autumn  sue moxon
autumn leaf first to fall

In less than a century of gathering stars,

all is done - only a glimpse of god awaits.

Shallow labored breathing ignites

passionate recall of unexpected moments

jumping into sharp relief against a

backdrop of lost opportunities.


regret hovers...

if only another chance,

how different it could be.

Easing this internalized torment,

extraordinary gifts given and shared

rush forward to compensate

and suddenly

clarity pierces through confusion.


Naked realization comes to stand -

proud but self conscious

assessing its reflection

in a lifetime lived,


by what truly matters

when all is stripped bare.


Silence seductively captivates

those last breaths-

teasing them out - one final sensual act.

A shudder passes through,


and suddenly there

floating in the ether,

fragments of your elusive life

beginning to detach,


into invisible mists...