ALL TOGETHER NOW is a bright and fun work that highlights a groups ability to play accurately and in sync - with rests and interesting melodic lines, this is great piece for performance. Lots of variety in this work with some fast passages for more accomplished players.

HAPPY SUMMER TIMES is a simple piece that sounds more complicated than it really is! Designed with only 2 main parts and a bass, it is a very impressive piece for a trio to perform but can also work very well when larger groups perform. A lively and fun work


COASTLINE is a  bright, fun and uplifting piece that gets audiences moving! A  fantastic workfor any marimba group - as much fun to learn as it is to play. Great for large ensembles but also effective with the minimum number of players. If you are looking for a performance piece that is energetic and buoyant that audiences will love COASTLINE is well worth considering.

GUAVA is a great work that has been played by large and small marimba groups. Guava takes the audience on a journey with its simple but spellbinding rhythmic patterns that hold the work together.

RUBIX is a very vibrant and exciting work. Always moving forward with tons of energy this is one of the most popular pieces in the Marimba catalog and well worth learning. Lots of scope for expression, movement and very entertaining for audiences. Great to learn and fun to perform.