CONTACT is a great piece with a fantastic groove that players really enjoy learning. Full of interest and drive this is an excellent work for new ensembles.

DORIAN TRAIL is a quick and easy ensemble piece. This delightful work for new players will quickly develop their skills and ability to cover the marimba with ease. Full of energy, it is built on the Dorian Mode and is a brilliant performance work for new ensembles to explore.

FESTIVAL is an exciting piece for performers that is ease to learn and play at a quick tempo. A great choice for concerts where an uplifting and fun piece is required.

LETS PLAY is a wonderful sounding piece full of light and energy. Simple rhythms make this a fantastic choice for beginning groups. LETS PLAY works extremely well on stage.

 STEP SKIP RUN is fun piece that delights audiences! It sounds impressive with large ensembles and is a great choice for concerts or performances when you want to create a fun, playful and energetic mood.