manifesto poem by sue moxon

I want to lead a beautiful life - tangled in intimate intricacies -

Fully immersed in the exquisite awkwardness of being human

a life that in the final analysis, is measured

not by outward accomplishments,  or the number of likes on a web page,

but by incremental moments - slowly gathered and truly celebrated.


I seek a life that shines in reflection of my souls reckoning -

yearning for laughter of the deepest order,

while embracing the sorrow of unbearable sadness -

sinking slowly to it's depths before rising, humbled with compassion.


I want to contemplate the unfathomable beauty of my own delicate heart

taking refuge in a vast sea of wisdom that resides at its core,

connecting deeply to its innermost mysteries -

discovering its rhythm reverberating throughout nature,


I want to explore the authentic essence of each encounter -

and savor real communication that unfolds when hearts engage -

a sacred unspoken exchange,

nourished by attentive presence and insightful perception -

that births grace silently into the world.


and when grief occupies my heart, and anguish floods my body -

when certainty and conviction are obscured and I loose sight of meaning in suffering,

I want to summon courage and find solace

as tears of surrender and acceptance flow - releasing me back to wholeness


and then,

When the years gather around me, I will listen for the echo of deep laughter

resounding clearly in my memories - coloring them like the evening sky.

I will open my arms to embrace elements I wrestled with in earlier years,

finding the terms of peace settled within.


And I will strive to live my days with an open heart

relishing  the times I stayed present to the truth of who I am

until the rivers of discernment carry me deeper-

where heartbeats merge in a single pulse, and love holds all to itself.