Guitar music sue moxon



IT'S LIKE THIS is a great work for newly formed groups. It has depth and strength that gives new players confidence when performing together.  Excellent choice for concerts - fun to play and easy to learn.

LABYRINTH is a wonderful piece with a memorable melody and easy chord progressions. A fun piece to perform with a melody that weaves through various parts. Labyrinth is always a crowd-pleaser! Consider this work for newly formed groups that want to sound strong and cohesive.


ACROSS THE BORDER is an exciting and fast paced guitar ensemble work that showcases the abilities of each player. From the opening chord sequence this piece really engages performers and audiences alike. A great way to showcase a developing groups techniques and musicality.

CONNECTIONS is a laid back and interesting work that contains great diversity. Well worth considering if you want something special in your groups repertoire. 

EVERYTHING CHANGES works best on amplified instruments but can be played on acoustic if necessary. A laid back funky style piece that is a very popular work.

SERENADE FOR TODAY is a lovely piece that flows beautifully and delights audiences. Perfect for a group that is beginning to play well together and are looking for something special to perform.


ALCHEMY is a rock inspired work that is great for performances requiring  a fun and lively atmosphere. Can be played as a tight trio or by a larger ensemble. Consider Alchemy to round out a concert program that showcases the abilities and talents of the performers !

NUDGE is a fun and beautiful sounding work this level 3 piece showcases the talents of the performers. A relaxed yet technical piece that sets a great tone at any performance.

TRANSLUCENT HARMONY has a unique sound and creates a great atmosphere - always appreciated by audiences! This work has a Middle Eastern feel and at times a hint of the Blues - the harmonies and melody come together in a unique and beautiful way. Well worth including in your groups repertoire.