Crowds of faceless strangers localized in their busy worlds cram into carriages

swelling and flowing -  grand swirls of color.

some angry, others lonely, many unnoticed,  contrasting dully

against the confident entrepreneurs with iPads, iPhones, and cocksure strides

and the stressed out corporate-ladder-climbers  who discreetly

brush their dry-cleaned suits free from breakfast crumbs and hints of dandruff


Lustful eyes and frantic hands of young lovers

entwine themselves in an amorous microcosm of obsession that

others steal glances at periodically –

conjuring up fantasies or passionate memories

of their own to make the trip pass quicker


Sleep depraved young mothers with cradles of baby, diaper bag and fluffy toys

take up seats with apologetic half smiles

-trying to remain inconspicuous

as tiny voices begin to whine in protest


Late night revellers, covered in layers of other peoples sweat,

barefoot - dangling shoes and flat battery mobiles,

cast loathsome looks as the carriages lurch  and sway



This daily gathering of strangers -

anonymous blank eyes protect a gulf of ambiguity creating a unique ambiance

Real life stories are securely hidden behind  the commuter masks.

 I wonder who is planning a four star holiday, and who is battling cancer?

Who is excited about their child's first steps and who can't fall pregnant?

Who tossed and turned all night and who had sex?


I draw imaginary lines connecting them all

- human constellations orbiting around an invisible centrifugal force,

A cosmic dance of never ending motion

I recognize elements of myself reflected in all of them and sense an automatic kinship

I follow their eyes earnestly craving a hint of recognition

and I wonder if they ever do the same.