moxon music

Music Engraving, Copying & Editing Services

If you need music transcribed from audio to manuscript or if you have original music you'd like professionally produced for print contact me.


Moxon Music can arrange your music for a specific group or combination of instruments including classical orchestration. Please provide a recording and if possible the written score [manuscript] along with an outline of how you'd like the arrangement to sound with regard to style, instrumentation, tone and mood.


If you require a work written specifically for a special occasion or need an arrangement or orchestration for an event please email details including the time frame you are working with.


For collaborations email an outline your proposal. Please note collaboration proposals are considered with respect to the nature of the project, time frames and other projects that I am currently involved with - when working on film soundtracks this service may not be available. 


Who this service is for? Anyone who has created a piece of music but is unable to notate music and would like to have a printed version.

What do I need to submit? An audio recording of your work,  a printed copy of any vocals and an outline of instrumentation required

How much does it cost? Each work is unique and the time taken can vary greatly - after receiving your submission, I will contact you with a quote. Hourly rates available for smaller projects.Factors influencing the cost include the style of music, length and complexity of the work, number of instruments and turnaround requirements.

If I supply lyrics can you write the music? All work submitted for editing should be 100% your own and not infringe any copyright laws.